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HTML Tutorial


HTML Tutorial

HTML is not a programming language, it is a markup language used to set structure of web page, markup means HTML consists of predefind tags that are used to create HTML document. Each tag has structure of open side "<tag>" and closed side "</tag>", these open side and closed side are collectivelly called HTML elements.


To learn HTML you don't need to learn any language, HTML is itself a basic language used in web developement, it has it's own syntax and use and is used along with CSS to make document more attractive, if you don't know about CSS and have some basic knowledge of HTML, then visit our CSS Tutorial where you will learn a lot about CSS styles and layouts such as how to create html page that run on any device, what are media queries, how to insert css in HTML etc.


There are a lot of advantages of using HTML in your web page.

  • Easy to use, no need of extra skills
  • Inludes predefined elmenets
  • Each element has attributes and events
  • Best for creating structured web pages
  • It is cost effective, no need to pay for use
  • Suported by every web browser